What about the Feasts?

What about the Feasts?

by Gary Hullquist (2014)

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  • Identity Wars
  • Life Matters
  • My Beloved
  • Personality of God
  • Divine Pattern
  • Return of Elijah
  • Answering Objections
  • Theos 6
  • Theos 7
  • Godhead or Trinity
  • Knocking at the Door
  • Removing the Pillar
  • The Godhead in Black and White
  • The Living Voice of the Lord's Witnesses
  • Putting the Pieces together
  • God's Love on Trial


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The Father and His Son



In order to suggest that the Adventists hold a different meaning to the words, while utilizing more ...
It is not necessary to say things in exactly the same wording; when the resultant meaning is of the ...
What the SDA General Conference has accepted is this: "2. Trinity: There is one God: Father, Son, an...
Very good, and to the point.
Thanks again Torsten, I have also puzzled over this. I have tried to explain it with Galatians 1:6,7...
Hi Gary, you gave the short version of the answer that I gave on facebook. I said there that The thr...
1. God the Father, a Spirit (John 4:24) 2. the Son of God, the Word, Spirit of Christ (1Peter 1:11),...
Good observation, Torsten. There are more examples of your definition for "allos": Same thing in dif...
Hi Julie McAleer, you said about Elder Wieland's belief on Christ that, "I never heard him equate th...
I had many personal conversations with Elder Wieland. He often talked about the person of Christ be...
Hi David Barron, thanks for sharing that study. Even though it might be clear to what John has been ...