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The Father and His Son



Dear Torsten,Interesting thoughts. The first half of your posting has given me food for thought.As ...
14.11.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Yes, everything is just ... thank you ...
Greetings Alex, god-like-ness, = to be like god. See Genesis 3:5
Sorry - god-like-ness.
Brother John, could you define other words, the term "year-like-ness." My automatic translator does ...
Ecumenism and Russia: how Rome will agree with the OrthodoxLeading religious institutions in the Wes...
UNIFICATION OF RELIGIONS - A NEW STEP Pope arrives in Turkey for "connections" churches A very impor...
Moses wrote these judgments and statutes from the mouth of God while he was with him in the mount. I...
There is one aspect of the rising of the little horn described in Daniel, which when I read it jumpe...
01.10.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Amen John. It is a wonderful book from Waggoner. So glad you are reading it. I am reading his articl...
28.09.2014 in Words of Hope
Thank you Joey and Carron for your replies. I will now be able to move forward on studying this out ...
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