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The Father and His Son



Hi John I finally have a moment to respond. I was interested in your question concerning merit in re...
Shalom,I am still investigating the writings of EGW. The blood moons and the solar eclipse of the i...
My goodness! Such a lot of info irrelevant to my personal thoughts. No, you are not the same John Re...
Another comment I would like to make about this paper, as I have taken the time to read the whole th...
Hello Brother Adrian, My current understanding is that the only merit that counts is the works of Ch...
Richard Rice says - Seventh-day Adventists accept the view of God adhered to by the dominant stream ...
Well done Gary, couldn't have said it better myself (I mean that literally). I don't understand whe...
We are NOT a cult because we believe that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, were gi...
What I wondered if this distinction between "elohiym" and "jahwe elohiym" found in this two accounts...
That really lays out the process and motivation for the changes - subtle and mainstream attraction
The only previous Triniatiran article I have seen that actually connects Ecclesiology to theology wa...
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