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The Father and His Son



Sean, this is what settled it for me. Remember Christ had duel natures, divine and human hence: "T...
28.11.2015 in Sean Edwards
Hi Sean. Apologies for my slow reply. These are difficult questions. I am hesitant to make statement...
27.11.2015 in Sean Edwards
Had the editors of Evangelism had access to and been familiar with the recently released and previou...
Very happy to join you today : Thanks Giving Day ... from Switzerland to give you all my thoughts in...
I could feel the pain, Adrian, thanks for the very personal and valuable insight.
14.11.2015 in Take up your Cross
Precious, precious...obedience of faith! He that loves the Son, loves the Father also!Joh 15:23 He ...
12.11.2015 in Take up your Cross
thanks Carron Much appreciated
Hi Pauline, You requested a document that presents The Truth about The Godhead from Scripture. There...
Hi Timothy, To add to what has already been shared by Gary and John, in reference to Psalms 2:7 abou...
31.10.2015 in The two witnesses
Hi Timothy, Perhaps the only question that remains is what does "literal" Son mean? As "literal" is ...
28.10.2015 in The two witnesses
Timothy, your comment address two important passages of Scripture. John has noted well the importanc...
27.10.2015 in The two witnesses
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